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Sadia Hussain

Sep 4, 2019

Butter Bean Hummus Recipe

The next time you want a quick, healthy snack, I recommend you give this creamy butter bean hummus a try.

I know you are wondering why I'm posting a recipe for butter bean hummus instead of the traditional chickpea hummus. Well, there is a story behind this... The other day Kaamil was on his way back from work and requested a small snack, my brain was racing to decide what to whip up that was wholesome and tasty.

I decided on hummus but could not find a can of chickpeas in my pantry! The butter beans were staring me in the face, so I thought, "ok let's give this a try..." and I'm so glad I did. Butter beans are full of protein, low in fat and are a great alternative to chickpeas.

I encourage you to use my recipes as a base and tweak to your own taste and this hummus recipe is truly a cook's playground. You can add spices like cumin, sumac, or red chili powder. You can add herbs like coriander or parsley. You can add nut butters instead of tahini.

This hummus comes together in minutes if you have all your ingredients on hand. It's delicious as a  spread for wraps, or had with bread, chips or crudités.

Butter Bean Hummus Recipe

Sadia Hussain




15 Minutes


  • 1 can butter beans drained and rinsed

  • 1 clove garlic, peeled

  • 1/4 cup or more olive oil

  • 2 lemons, juiced

  • 1/4 cup tahini

  • 1/4 teaspoon salt or to taste

  • Olive oil to drizzle on top

  • Paprika to sprinkle on top (optional)


  1. In a food processor, add beans and garlic and process for a few seconds. Scrape down the mixture from the sides of the food processor with a spatula.

  2. While the food processor is running on low, start adding a stream of olive oil. You may have to scrape the mixture down again.

  3. Continue processing and adding olive oil.

  4. While processing, add lemon juice.

  5. Add tahini and salt and continue processing for several minutes to whip the hummus.

  6. Pour into a dish and generously drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika (optional).

Tips and Bits

I like my hummus tangy but you could decrease the lemon juice, if you prefer less tang.

The more olive oil the better the taste, so don't skimp on the olive oil.

You can store this in the fridge for a couple days covered with olive oil, so a dry crust doesn't form.

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