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Sadia Hussain

Sep 29, 2017

Fruit Trifle Recipe

Whipped cream, velvety custard and sweet fruits soaked into spongy cake make up this classic, delicious dessert. 

Trifle is a simple, no cook, no bake dessert that can really wow your family and friends if you set it up all nice and pretty.

This is one of those desserts that doesn't really have a set- in- stone recipe. I think trifle embraces any fruit you want to put in it. I like to add a mix of fresh and canned fruits and do not like to add bananas or citrus fruit.

I like to use Ambrosia Devon Custard. I know, it's not homemade but I like its goopy, smooth texture in this trifle.

My husband loves trifle so over the years I have played around with several recipes and finally perfected one that he loves.

Please try my gorgeous fruit trifle recipe or tweak to your own taste...the possibilities are endless!

Fruit Trifle Recipe

Sadia Hussain




45 Minutes (plus soak time)


  • 2 loaves plain vanilla sponge cake

  • Raspberry jam 

  • 2 large cans fruit cocktail in heavy syrup

  • 1 can sliced peaches in heavy syrup

  • 2 large apples, cubed

  • 10 large strawberries cut in fours

  • 1 cup seedless grapes

  • 3 cans Devon Custard

  • 1 carton single cream

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 1 carton double cream


  1. Slice the cake in medium thick slices.

  2. Spread each slice with raspberry jam.

  3. In a large bowl, mix fruit cocktail, peaches, apples, strawberries and grapes.

  4. In a large bowl, mix custard, single cream and vanilla.

  5. Layer cake first, then fruit, then custard.

  6. Repeat these layers gently pressing down as you go.

  7. Whip double cream into stiff peaks and evenly spread over top layer.

Tips and Bits

Sometimes I make this in individual ramekins.

Get creative with the combination of ingredients. You can use flavored cakes, jello, nuts, chocolate and different fruits.

If you are using homemade custard keep it thick. If the custard is not thick it will become watery with the syrup from the fruit.

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