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Sadia Hussain

Oct 8, 2019

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

There is something very satisfying in heating milk, adding a starter and waiting for the miraculous fermentation process to turn it into yogurt which is why I'm sharing this homemade yogurt recipe.

I started making homemade yogurt in Singapore where store bought yogurt was expensive and did not taste very good. I stopped making it for several years after I moved to London where the yogurt tasted amazing! I restarted making homemade yogurt in Dubai...just because 😋

If it's your first time making yogurt you will need some store bought yogurt as a starter. After that, you can save a little homemade yogurt for your next batch. I like to put my yogurt in a cheese cloth or tea towel, placed in a strainer, hanging over a bowl in the fridge for hours to let the whey drip. You will end up with super thick, creamy yogurt.

I use yogurt in my cooking, baking, for smoothies and to eat straight up with sugar, granola or fruit. If you really want a treat, make a hot, flaky paratha and dip into yogurt that is generously sprinkled with sugar...To Die For!

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Sadia Hussain




1 Hour (plus overnight fermentation time)


  • 4 cups full fat milk

  • 3/4 cup full fat yogurt


  1. In a medium pot, boil milk for 20 minutes.

  2. Take off heat and set milk aside until it's warm (about 100F).

  3. Add yogurt and gently stir.

  4. Cover pan and keep in a warm place for 10-12 hours to ferment.

  5. Strain (optional).

Tips and Bits

I make my yogurt at night and let it set until the morning.

If you live in a cold climate, you can heat your oven for 5 minutes, shut it off and place yogurt in the oven.

It's best not to move the yogurt until the fermentation period is over.

I add a generous amount of starter but if you don't have 3/4 cup, slightly less will do the job too.

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