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Sadia Hussain

Mar 8, 2018

Tiramisu Recipe

Tiramisu is a trifle-like Italian dessert that became very popular in America in the 80's. Now, I think tiramisu has a huge international appeal with it's few, simple ingredients that come together to form a luscious, velvety dessert.

There are countless tiramisu recipes out there but my friend Saima's tiramisu is the BEST. Yes... The BEST. It is a heavenly concoction of creamy mascarpone custard and coffee soaked, spongey ladyfingers.

I urge you to use the freshest raw eggs in this recipe, use only mascarpone cheese and use good quality ladyfingers so they don't become soggy and break when dunked in the coffee. And...make sure to have multiple, generous helpings 😋

Tiramisu Recipe

Sadia Hussain




45 Minutes (plus chilling time)


  • 4 large eggs, separated, room temperature

  • 1/4 cup +1 tablespoon sugar

  • 2 tubs mascarpone cheese

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

  • 4 tablespoons instant coffee granules

  • 1 1/2 cups cold water

  • 2 packets or slightly more ladyfingers

  • Cocoa powder to dust on top


  1. In a pie dish, mix coffee and cold water and set aside.

  2. Beat egg yolks and sugar until pale and fluffy.

  3. In a bowl, gently mix mascarpone cheese with a fork.

  4. Add mascarpone cheese and vanilla to egg yolk mixture, fold until combined.

  5. Beat egg whites to stiff peaks.

  6. Gently fold egg whites into egg yolk mixture.

  7. Spread a thin layer of mascarpone custard in a 9x13 dish.

  8. Quickly dip one side of the ladyfingers into the coffee and layer on top of the custard.

  9. Spread a thicker layer of custard on top of ladyfingers.

  10. Add one more layer of coffee dipped ladyfingers on top of the custard.

  11. Cover ladyfingers with remaining custard.

  12. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in fridge for 6 hours or overnight.

  13. Before serving, dust generously with cocoa powder.

Tips and Bits

It's much easier to separate eggs when they are cold. Once separated let them come to room temperature.

Room temperature egg whites are better for beating to stiff peaks.

Keep this chilled before serving and put leftovers in the fridge or it will start seeping.

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