• Sadia Hussain

Beetroot and Meat Curry Recipe

Glorious pink-y, red beetroot curry is not only pleasing to the eye but it’s spicy, earthy flavor tastes amazing...even if you are not a beetroot fan!

I ate this for the very first time about 18 years ago on my first trip to India. It was love at first bite and I have cooked it for my family ever since. The beetroot curry I ate in India had small cubes of beetroot and lots of different spices. I prefer to shred boiled beetroot and I use simple spices to bring out the natural flavors of the beetroot and succulent meat.

I serve this with chappati or paratha but there’s nothing stopping you from eating it with rice and perhaps a spoonful of my khatti daal on the side. Even if you are not a beetroot person, I encourage you to give this curry a try. It may just become a regular dish in your house too!

Tips and Bits

You want to start boiling beetroot before starting on onions so they will be soft and ready to grate while meat is cooking. I peel my beetroot under cold water and grate while warm. You want to be careful when preparing and eating beetroot as it will permanently stain clothes.

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